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We only stock machines from reputable, well established brands who we know will provide the best quality products. In this series of blogs we let you know more about the brands we have available so you can make an informed decision about which is right for you! Juki are a respected brand who are famous for their high-quality machines and for their innovations in software, hardware, and sustainability. Their industrial sewing machines are popular across a vast range of industries, from apparel to aerospace. As the UK’s official agents for Juki industrial sewing machines, it’s no wonder that we mention them a lot!


Juki was founded in 1938 and entered the industrial sewing machine market in 1953. They are well-known for their domestic range, but industrial sewing machines are at the heart of the business! They now offer effective sewing solutions to over 180 different countries around the world. Their current line-up of industrial machines consists of around 2000 models which cover the full range of sewing applications. Juki are always keeping one eye on the future but are proud of their past and the ways they have helped to push forward the textile industry as a whole.

Forward thinking

Juki have historically been at the forefront of new advancements in industrial sewing machine technology. In 1969 they were the first company to release an industrial sewing machine with an automatic thread trimmer. The mechanism was adopted immediately by manufacturers globally and this still is an incredibly popular feature on machines today! They developed this solution so operators would no longer need to stop the flow of their work to manually trim the thread. They are still focused on creating smart and practical solutions with the operator and production process in mind. This is one of the reasons why we work with them. We also like to be at the forefront of any new developments so we can supply our customers with the best possible machines!


Many of our customers prioritise environmentally friendly production as a core principle of their business. Juki are committed to caring for the local environment by disposing of waste responsibly. The standards they hold themselves too are stricter than those of the RoHS (restriction of hazardous substances) Directive. This reflects their dedication to the conservation of the local environment and the planet. Their intention, as with so many of our customers, is to play an active role in handing down a better global environment to future generations!
Juki Eco Products

In 2009 Juki launched their Eco Products Certification to deliver environmentally friendly machines to the global market. As a company they take their eco responsibilities very seriously and only award this certification to the products which meet the highest environmental standards. These machines are evaluated using 38 assessment criteria at the development stage. They also consider the environment at every stage of the product lifestyle, from initial material procurement to recycling and disposal. We are confident in recommending these reliable and energy-efficient Juki Eco Products certified machines as a great option for our eco-conscious customers.

The machines

Over the last 80 years Juki have been consistently releasing new industrial sewing machines with the most advanced technology available. Whether you are looking for a standard lockstitch or an automated Smart Factory line, Juki have a machine for you!

We stock a wide range of Juki industrial sewing machines and parts. If you would like more information about their machines or to place an order, you can contact our friendly team via

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