No Tricks, Just Treats! Our Guide to Spirits

It’s Halloween and the AE office is feeling very haunted, our team have reported seeing multiple spirits in the building! 😱👻

Spirit cans with novelty ghosts in the foreground

Terrible jokes aside, there are no tricks here! These products really do feel like magic when you see them at work. The Spirit range covers a wide variety of applications, and in this blog post we run through a few of the different types which are frequently used in the textile industry to help you find the right product for your needs.

Spirit 2 – Classic Vaseline sewing machine oil

Product image of a can of spirit 2 vaseline oil

Spirit 2 is an universal, non-staining, odourless and colourless oil used for lubricating precision mechanisms. This makes it ideal for use with sewing and knitting machines, as well as others in the textile industry. It can also be used to prevent plastic/gum based products from sticking in moulds.

This is also available in a classic oil bottle, a 1l or a 5l container

Spirit 3 – Silicone-based non-staining spray lubricant

Product image of a Spirit 3 can of silicone-based non-staining spray lubricant

Spirit 3 is a non-toxic, colourless and odourless silicone-based lubricating spray. It contains no solvents, has anti-electrostatic properties, facilitates glide, and prevents sticking. It does not grease or stain and is especially helpful in textile industry. Amongst its many uses is the lubrication of iron feet, band knives, and needles.

Spirit Extra 3 spray is also available, which is a higher density version.

Spirit 5 - Temporary adhesive spray

Product image of a can of Spirit 5 temporary adhesive spray

Spirit 5 is a pressure sensitive adhesive spray which allows you to join and separate materials several times without the risk of adhesive shifting from one surface to the other. It is used for temporarily sticking fabric, paper, light cardboards and plastics, films and cellophane to other surfaces. It is widely used in the textile industry for fastening of embroidered elements of clothing such as appliqués, and for patterns during cutting or drawing.

Spirit plus 5 version is also available, which has high bonding strength and is heat resistant. Any residue can be dissolved with a cleaner such as Spirit 6.

Spirit 6 – Industrial cleaning spray for machinery and tools

Product image of a can of Spirit 6 industrial cleaning spray for machinery and tools

Spirit 6 is a professional cleaning and degreasing spray which is ideal for removing dirt, oil, grease, tar, and adhesive residue from machines and tools. It also helps to remove rust from corroded mechanisms. This spray is commonly used in embroidery and screen printing workshops, and is suitable for use on metals, plastics, glass, laminate and varnished surfaces, and ceramics.

Spirit 37 – Silicone-based lubricating liquid for thread

Product image of a bottle of Spirit 37 silicone-based lubricating liquid for thread

37 is a silicone fluid which has been developed especially for use in the textile industry. It is used for preparing sewing thread and yarn, as well as lubricating the needles of knitting machines. Treated thread has better slide on working plates. The fluid is colourless and odourless, and can be applied with a brush, sprinkle or through immersion.

Spirit 61 - Active foam cleaner

Product image of a can of Spirit 61 active foam cleaner

Spirit 61 is a foam cleaner spray which is anti-electrostatic and suitable for removing dirt, grease, dust, pen marks, etc. It can be used on a wide variety of materials including glass, crystals, scanners, computers, car upholstery, steel and chromium surfaces, and wood. We’ve found it is also ideal for cleaning sewing machine tables and leaves a pleasant fresh smell! 

Before use on car upholstery or carpet we recommend that you test it first on a less visible area.

Spirit 65 – Compressed air spray and freezing device

Product image of a can of Spirit 65 compressed air spray and freezing device

Spirit 65 is a dual purpose compressed air spray, which can be used to blow out dust and dirt from hard to reach areas on phones, keyboards, computers, cameras, and other electrical equipment. It is particularly useful for removing the buildup of lint and fluff in sewing machine mechanisms. When it is turned upside down, it can be used as a freezing device to cool surfaces, test devices which operate at variable temperatures, and find defects using the thermal method.

Spirit 77 MAX – Grease stain remover

Product image of a can of Spirit 77 grease stain remover

Spirit 77 MAX is a stain remover spray which is effective for removing fresh grease spots on clothing, upholstery, and carpets. It is indispensable in industrial settings (particularly for oil spot removal when producing clothing!) but also great for home use.

We recommend testing the spray on a scrap piece of fabric or less visible area before committing to use. Please note that this spray isn’t suitable for use with fur, leather, or chamois leather.

In this post we’ve focused on the most popular Spirits used in the textile industry, but there are far more options in the range, from copper spray to air conditioner cleaner! Visit our website to browse the different options and order yours.

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