After giving an overview of many of the brands we work with in recent weeks, it was about time we also wrote a brand profile to tell you more about Advance, our own precision range! Informed by our extensive experience in supplying, building, and developing industrial sewing machines, we created this brand to help our customers overcome their manufacturing challenges. All these projects are designed, manufactured, and built in the UK, and our philosophy “anything is possible” is applied to every concept we develop!

Examples of machines we work with include:

* Automated sewing machines

* Conveyorised sewing machines

* Bespoke jig pattern sewing machines

But we work with many more types than this, including those for specialist applications such as large format graphics, curtains and blinds and even car interior/upholstery!

Who are we?

AE Sewing Machines are a family-run business based in North Wales. Our technicians apply their 150+ years of combined experience to the projects which fall under the Advance brand! The labour-saving machines we produce de-skill production processes and increase productivity to save our customers time and money. We are always ahead of the game and are constantly innovating and updating what we do and how we do things to provide a totally unique customer experience. When entering into a new working relationship, we feel that it’s important to work with a reliable and trustworthy company. This is a value that we hold in the highest regard, and so we do everything we can to be transparent and honest. This means keeping our customers informed every step of the way and providing unrivalled aftersales support.

Make It British

As proud members of Make it British, we are prominent advocates for British manufacturers and do everything we can to support them. When we develop our Advance automated machinery, all the components we use, including engineered metals, conveyor belts, and aluminium, are made in Britain. We even use our local company 5 minutes from our factory to offer CNC machined components and powder coat finishing for the perfect look. We love working with British companies to help make their production processes as effortless as possible!


How does it work?

When a customer approaches us with a challenge they’ve been facing in their production process, we spring into action to help them overcome it!

* Firstly, we will discuss their requirements with them to learn exactly what they are hoping to achieve. This can be anything from automating a part of the process which has previously been carried out manually to completely reinventing the way a current manufacturing process is done to make things quicker and easier.

* Our team then brainstorm ideas and apply their extensive knowledge of industrial sewing processes, engineering, programming and automation to come up with potential solutions.

* They draw up the best design concept in CAD and discuss this with the customer to get their feedback to make sure that it works.

* At this point we further develop the idea to ensure that it will work effectively and deskill a process as much as possible to minimise the level of effort and expertise required by the operator.

* Our team build the machine in our workshop, engineering parts in-house and using British-made components.

* The machine is delivered to the customer and installed by our team. We then provide full training to ensure that the machine can be used safely and efficiently.

* We provide full aftersales support to ensure that the machine(s) continue to operate effectively. Our team are also on-hand to answer any queries, offer advice, and supply replacement parts when they are required. We will be with you every step of the way, from the beginning of your textile manufacturing process to the end!


Examples of machines

ASA-3010/TPL-KC – conveyorised twin needle sewing machine for banners, graphics and signs:

ASA-4010/SN-TFP – conveyorised top and bottom-feed lockstitch for curtain hemming

ASA-6010/OV-4 – conveyorised 4-thread overlock machine for large panel joining (curtains):

AES-BT12080 – split-head programmable bartack for lofty/bulky products:

ASA-6914R – string-inserting overlock for seat cover panels:

For more information about bespoke solutions for your manufacturing process you can get in touch with our team via the contact form on the website or





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