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We only stock machines from reputable, well established brands who we know will provide the best quality products. Brother have been one of the most famous makers of industrial sewing machines for over 100 years. They started out as a family business back in 1908, and sewing machines were their very first specialism. The Yasui brothers set a precedent for breaking boundaries and building innovative, expertly designed, and affordable sewing machines. Their motto of “superior quality and diligent service” is one that the company still stands by today. Over the years they have made everything from printers to communication systems for karaoke but throughout their history they have consistently innovated with industrial sewing machines.


The Brother Group started in 1908, when Kanekichi Yasui started a small business repaired sewing machines and producing spare parts. He had a dream of creating a Japanese sewing machine to compete with the imported machines which were flooding the market. His sons Masayoshi and Tokio achieved their father’s dream, using all the knowledge and expertise they had gained working in the repairs business. Their first domestic machine was a chain stitch designed for producing straw hats. They released it under the BROTHER trademark to show how their teamwork made it possible. Their machines immediately became popular thanks to their reputation for being more durable and better value than imported machines. From there the company went from strength to strength and diversified into other areas such as home appliances and printers but continued to innovate with sewing machines!


Brother have always embraced the spirit of experimentation and creativity. For over 100 years they have aimed to be the first to get the latest industry innovations into the hands of their customers. Their philosophy of embracing challenges without fearing change has meant that they are constantly adapting and evolving to meet the needs of their customers.


Brother are actively making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and make their production process as sustainable as possible. As a global company they are aiming for their CO2 emissions to be down at least 30% by 2030. Environmental management is an essential part of their business decision making process. Their company-wide Environmental Management system corresponds to the norms of ISO 14001. Within this framework they continuously evaluate and improve their environmental performance:

* Optimise energy consumption in their technical facilities.

* Avoid environmentally hazardous refuse and emissions and/or to reduce these to a minimum.

* Implement the legal regulations with regards to recycling.

* Promote environmentally conscious actions of personnel.

They regularly review their process and policies to ensure they are making positive contributions towards the protection and preservation of the environment.



The Brother slogan “At your side” is at the core of their business. They put the customer first every time and aim to provide them with superior value thanks to their high-quality, durable products. Although they are well known for office technology nowadays, they continue to take pride in creating innovative, expertly built industrial sewing machines.


Brother produce machines to suit any business application! We stock a wide range of Brother industrial sewing machines and parts. If you would like more information about these or to place an order, you can contact our friendly team via

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