We only stock machines from reputable, well established brands who we know will provide the best quality products. We are the exclusive UK agents for Oshima, a highly creative and innovative brand. They are dedicated to developing smart manufacturing solutions for the apparel, automotive, home accessories, and composites industries. As a company they value innovation and are focused on the development of smart and sustainable products. They are pioneers, working to improve productivity whilst protecting the environment. Here at AE Sewing we share these values and are constantly innovating and updating what we do so we can ensure that our customers have the latest and most efficient technology available to stay ahead of the game.


Oshima group was founded over 40 years ago in Taiwan by Mr Teng Wen-Tong. He was born during the global Great Depression, during a period when Taiwan was under Japanese rule prior to World War II. Taiwan’s textile industry was heavily reliant on imported machinery during this time. As an apprentice in a textile factory, he saw an opportunity and began importing antique machines and modifying them, creating a successful business. The company grew from there, and Mr Teng earned a reputation for his unique ability to “turn challenges into commercial success”. He took Oshima to a prominent position in the industry as an international brand, and in the process earned himself the nickname “the King of Spreading Machines”. Today Oshima are an industry leader with global reach.

Forward thinking:

Oshima are driven by research and innovation and are continually developing and investing to extend their product offerings. They currently have a service and distribution network which covers more than 52 countries and are continuing to expand! Oshima were one of the first companies to realise the dangers which lost needles can cause, especially when producing clothes for babies and children. They have been developing needle-detecting equipment since 2003 and are one of the market leaders.

The machines:

We are working with Oshima to offer our customers the highest quality spreading, checking, and automated packing machines on the market! They specialise in producing automated machinery for large factories, as well as products such as handheld needle detecting machines for smaller businesses. Their machines are available as individual units which are designed to fit in with your current manufacturing process or as part of a full range of intelligent connected machinery to help you build the factory of the future! We are stocking a wide range of machines from their innovative range, here’s a brief overview of what we have to offer:

* Automated spreading machines

* Automated fabric inspection machines

* Automated intelligent knit and woven spreading machines

* Intelligent needle detector systems, both automated for large factories and handheld for smaller businesses

* Automated folding and packaging machines with plastic bag heat sealing

* Automated wash label fusing machines

*Automated pick and place heat press label machines

Environmental policy:

Oshima’s manufacturing processes are energy-efficient and eco-friendly. One of their factories, for example, has solar panels which power parts of the factory!

Fun fact:

Oshima adopted 3 koalas during the devastating Australian wildfires in 2020 and have continued to sponsor them ever since. They are resident in Port Macquarie Koala Hospital and can occasionally be seen popping up on Oshima’s Instagram page!

If you would like further information about any of the machine types listed then please just get in touch with our friendly team of experts who will be happy to help! We can provide full solutions for businesses both large and small. The easiest way to find out more is to send an email enquiry over to info@ae-sewingmachines.co.uk so one of our technicians can discuss possible options with you and provide a quote based on your individual requirements!

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