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Pegasus are next up in our series of industrial sewing machine brand profiles. The company was established in 1914 and their machines have been popular with apparel manufacturers for over 100 years! With 200 agents in over 70 countries, they have always tried to optimise quality, price, and lead times. They are particularly well-known for their industrial chain stitch machines, which are used around the world.

Company ethos:

Pegasus strive to meet the challenges faced by apparel manufacturers in the rapidly changing fashion world by swiftly creating new sewing technology. They stay in close contact with producers to find out what they need to improve their production process and are always working on research and development. From the beginning they have aimed to produce top ranked industrial sewing machines. They learn from their customer’s needs and proudly maintain the spirit of truth and honesty, along with the originality and ingenuity to create new ideas.

Environmental policy:

Pegasus promote awareness of the impact their business has on the global environment within the company to ensure these factors are considered when developing new machines. They also encourage activities which are designed to minimize the impact the company may have upon the planet. As well as obeying the international standards, laws, and agreements in accordance with the guidelines of the industry, they meet the additional voluntary standards which relate to environmental protection. They always aim to produce the most environmentally conscious products possible.


Partnership with Juki:

Juki and Pegasus have recently entered a “basic business alliance agreement” to combine Pegasus’ chain stitch expertise and Juki’s experience of line solutions for apparel and non-apparel sewing machines. These two globally trusted brands are collaborating to focus on two major areas:

Developing new products:

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, they are working together to expedite economic recovery by developing the sewing industry as one of the leading drivers. They are joining forces to develop new industrial sewing machines and progress digital and IoT (Internet of Things) technology innovations beyond their individual achievements. Their aim is to optimise market developments and produce the best products in the sewing machine industry. They are intending to have joint product exhibitions soon to demonstrate their achievements.

Developing the market in emerging countries:

They are collaborating to work towards SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), creating solutions to help solve social issues in developing countries. By establishing a sales and service network in emerging markets they are hoping to create a production management system that enables a fine-tuned response to demand fluctuations. Their alliance is also intended to enhance the skills of sewing machine operators in emerging countries and improve their working environment, while building an infrastructure for resource and energy saving. Using the management resources of both companies and expanding product outreach together, they hope to make a big difference to these markets.


Pegasus are most famous for their chain stitch machines, but we can supply a wide range of their industrial sewing machines! To enquire about any Pegasus machine you can contact our team via the form on the website or email




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