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We only stock machines from reputable, well established brands who we know will provide the best quality products. SiRUBA’s name has been synonymous with user-friendly and high-quality industrial sewing machines. They are a leading manufacturer and serve over 80 countries worldwide. Officially recognised as one of Taiwan’s top 100 brands, their products are dependable and represent their motto “Sew Much Better”. From their best selling 700L overlock, to their specialist coverstitch machines, Siruba industrial sewing machine are famous for providing machine solutions to customers across a wide range of industries.


SiRUBA was founded in 1965 and introduced their first portable bag stitcher to the market in 1971. They started out carrying sewing machines to clients on foot and have since become the leading brand in Taiwan. Following on from their bag stitcher machine (modern versions of which are still very popular today) they developed a range of industrial sewing machines, starting with a 2-needle lockstitch. Over 50+ years they have produced technology which has evolved with the changing times. Currently, the company produces everything from overlockers to button-holing machines, and automated products with the highest levels of positioning accuracy. They focus on the details to provide the best possible products and services to their customers, seeing challenges as an opportunity for the advancement of the industry.

Forward thinking

SiRUBA are a highly detail-oriented producer of industrial sewing machines, and this is reflected in their high-tech manufacturing facilities. Their machine frames are created using an advanced automated system which produces consistent results with complete precision. This method is efficient, high quality, produces less pollution, and protects their workers from the more hazardous parts of the process. With accurate and speedy robotic arms, their intelligent manufacturing process is truly futuristic! Their machine parts are also crafted with the most precise machining accuracy. In addition to this, all machines come with a QR code on the nameplate so the product history can be traced.

Responsible production

SiRUBA follow the European Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) directive. This was introduced to ensure that environmentally hazardous materials and waste from the production of electronic products is dealt with correctly. In line with these guidelines, SiRUBA ensure that substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and plastics which can cause major environmental and health problems, are used, collected, treated, and disposed of responsibly. All their industrial sewing machines with electrical and electronic components, unless specifically excluded, have to comply with these restrictions.

The machines

Whether you are looking for a bagstitcher or a 12- needle cylinder bed chainstitch machine, Siruba have a machine option available! They specialise in automated systems which are tailored to a specific production process. Examples of this include attaching elastic waistbands to boxer shorts and hemming t shirts. If there is a way to automate a sewing process, they’ve most likely found a solution!

We stock a wide range of Siruba industrial sewing machines and parts. If you would like more information about the machines which aren't currently on the website, or to place an order, you can contact our friendly team via


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