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In this blog we discuss the latest installation for our customers at Curtainwise, an automated Conflex Curtain Measuring Machine. Read on to find out more about their set up and this exciting new piece of equipment! 

Who are Curtainwise?

Curtainwise are one of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the UK. For over 30 years, their family run-business has specialised in the design, manufacture, and supply of bespoke soft furnishings for commercial and residential customers. Their impressive factory has a wide range of high-tech automated textile equipment dedicated to producing the highest quality results with maximum efficiency.

We have worked with Curtainwise for many years now, and have supplied automated industrial curtain making equipment including:

  • An Advance ACA-IPC-2200/MS Intelligent Panel Cutting Machine, which features a lightbox for quality inspection, fabric clamps, and a precise pneumatic cross cutting knife.
  • An Advance ASA-4010-SN-TFP Conveyorized Sewing Machine for curtain joining, which de-skills the process of joining or hemming curtains whilst improving quality and increasing production rates by up to 70%.
  • An Advance ASA-ARB3000/AE Automated Roman Blind Machine, which automates the process of sewing tape in place to create a pocket for the rod on Roman blinds.
  • A Conflex AHS Automatic Hook Supply machine (working with Wybenga Machines), which supplies synthetic curtain hooks and sews them into the curtain pleats in one operation.
  • A Rexek WK-1 Roller Blind Control Hoist, which is used to check whether the slats in blinds are level and ensure that the fabric is correctly wound onto the tube.
  • Click here to see some of our range of industrial curtain making equipment!

Automated conveyorised sewing machine for making curtains

What is the latest development in curtain manufacturing?

The latest addition to the automated curtain-making range is the Conflex HMM (Height Measuring Machine). We delivered and installed at Curtainwise’s factory in Scotland recently with the help of our amazing partners, Wybenga Machines, with whom we have been working for almost 20 years!

What does the Conflex Height Measuring Machine do?

This machine has been developed and built by Wybenga in Holland to automate the process of height measuring, squaring, and cutting curtains. All you have to do is input the final size of the curtain, and the program figures the rest out for you!

What are the benefits of this machine?

The Conflex Height Measuring Machine reduces production times and ensures perfect results every time while freeing up valuable floor space. It gives accurate measurements by clamping the bottom of the completed curtain hem and cutting it completely square, taking into account whether it is a pencil pleat, pinch pleat, wave, etc. The new and improved design further increases productivity by having the cutter operate in both directions.

Various pictures of the Conflex CMM from inside the factory

Can automated curtain making equipment like this be bespoke made to fit my requirements?

Of course! All the automated sewing machinery we supply is tailored to the customer, whether it’s as simple as changing the size for a specific fabric length, or altering the capabilities to suit a specific production process. Upon the request of William and Iain, our customers at Curtainwise, the Conflex HMM was adapted to add an ultraviolet line, which is sprayed onto the curtain to increase the speed and accuracy of the finish when it is later sewn. The sewing machine operator simply has to shine an ultraviolet light onto the curtain to get an accurate line rather than measuring and pinning it!

Is automated industrial textile equipment a good investment?

That depends on the scale of your business and your ambitions for the future! Automating processes increases the quality of manufacture, the consistency of work, and the speed of production, which can be hugely beneficial for any company. In today’s fast-paced world, if you aren’t moving forwards, you’re moving backward. However, it most likely isn’t worth the investment for small businesses who have an established customer base and produce more exclusive items. There is definitely still a market for premium products produced using more traditional “slow” methods.

How can I find out more?

Contact our friendly team directly to find out more about how we can help make automation a reality for your business! We’re happy to discuss existing options which are tailored to you, and if there isn’t a machine already available, our team of technicians are always keen to develop a new bespoke solution.

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