Brand Profile: Durkopp Adler

We only stock parts and machines from reputable, well established brands who we know will provide the best quality products. Durkopp Adler are a producer of industrial sewing machines and material handling systems. They are famous for high quality German manufacture and engineering. As they produce a wide variety of machines to suit every application, they are very popular across a range of different industries. Their products enjoy international recognition and are sold all over Europe. From standard lockstitch machines to specially engineered sewing units for automotive and technical textiles, they have a solution for almost every customer!


Durkopp Adler’s story starts in the middle of the 19th Century in Bielefeld, Germany, where their headquarters are still based today. At the time, the industrial revolution had turned the city into a major textiles hub. Imported machines were being used, but these were expensive to buy and difficult to service. Two mechanics, Baer and Koch, recognised an opportunity and started the first sewing machine factory in the city. Heinrich Durkopp worked as a mechanic for the company and used his expertise to design and build his own sewing machine. He went on to create his own company, which has partnered with others over the years to eventually form Durkopp Adler as we know it today with Kochs Adler. The firm has a history of automobile, ball bearings, and motorcycle production, but both Durkopp and Adler began with sewing machines and parts and the company still specialises in producing them. Today the firm’s equity is largely controlled by ShangGong in China, but they have stayed true to their German heritage.  

New developments

Durkopp Adler’s objective is to perfect the automation of production procedures and to guarantee a maximum degree of flexible applications. Their pioneering spirit and the creative drive of the founding fathers has remained an integral part of the company’s philosophy. Their latest developments include machines for apparel manufacturing, engineered workstations, sewing automats, and machines for working with technical textiles. They like to stay at the forefront of new developments, with products such as their new CNC (computer numerical control) sewing units with step motor technology. Automating machines increases efficiency and productivity, which is the aim of all their new designs.


Durkopp Adler “Green line”

Durkopp Adler have been working to their own environmental guidelines for over a decade now. in recent years they have intensified their existing measures to make products as environmentally friendly as possible. Their “Green Line” label is a symbol for their leading position in terms of environmental protection in the sewing machine trade. These machines are characteristic of a new generation of sewing machines and automates which are both environmentally friendly and resource-protecting. They carry out endurance tests on these machines to ensure that the power consumption and heat emissions are reduced as much as possible. The results of these rigorous tests are made public for full transparency.


With their environmental concerns in mind, Durkopp Adler created the Premium Machine Class 281. These machines set new standards with an energy-saving, service-free DC sewing drive integrated in the machine head. They are also built using less sheet metal, because the production of it involves processes which are highly energy-intensive and use highly toxic substances. Every step of the design process was carried out with minimising material wastage and maintaining energy balance in mind.



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