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Elevate your sewing experience with ELK Scissors - quality that lasts a lifetime!

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There’s nothing more frustrating than wrestling with dull, subpar scissors when you’re rushing to fulfil an order or are in the flow of a creative project. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to ELK, a brand that embodies our commitment to providing you with tools that stand the test of time.

At AE, we firmly believe that good value, high-quality products are a much better investment in your craft than cheap ones which require more frequent replacement and will cost much more in the long run! ELK’s range of professional-standard scissors and thread snips align perfectly with this philosophy.

ELK tailors shears

Their scissors are manufactured in dedicated factories using traditional techniques. Each pair is carefully hand-made, assembled, and tested by skilled craftsmen, then quality checked and inspected before leaving the factory. They are so confident in their scissors that each pair comes with a lifetime warranty!

ELK Aramid shears

We now stock a wide range of ELK scissors which cover various materials and applications, including textiles, food, and home use. Whether you’re looking for tailors scissors, serrated shears, curved blade, or any other type of scissors, we’ve got you covered.

ELK kitchen scissors

Left-handed? No problem! Elk have left-handed options available too. Their left handed scissors are specially made with the blades reversed so left handed users can see the line they are cutting and work with the natural direction of pressure from the hand.

ELK left-handed dress making shears

Visit the web page today to explore the ELK collection and make an investment in quality that lasts a lifetime.

Already got your hands on a pair?

Once you’ve got your scissors, it’s important to look after them properly to ensure you always get the best results. A small amount of maintenance can extend your scissors working life considerably! Here are our top tips for keeping your scissors in tip top condition:

  • Keep them clean. - After use, wipe off any lint, fluff, or other residue using a soft cloth. Regularly apply a light coating of oil to the blades, head of the screw, and under the joints (wiping off any excess oil). This is particularly important for carbon steel scissors, which are prone to corrosion when stored or used in humid conditions.
  • Store them carefully. - Scissors should be stored in a closed position, preferably with the blades protected by a wallet or case. It’s best to hang them up or place them flat on a surface rather than having them loose in a toolbox where they can be damaged by other tools.
  • Only use them for their intended purpose. - Using your fabric scissors on paper or card, for example, will blunt the blades and make them much less effective.
  • Keep them sharp. - Blades naturally dull over time, even with proper use. Keep them sharp by making long, smooth strokes on a sharpening block whenever they need touching up.

So there you have it! Visit our website to view the range today and elevate your sewing experience by choosing ELK scissors!

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