We Offer a Full Range of Sewing-Related Services Including:


Supplying industrial textile equipment

We supply all kinds of industrial textile equipment, including ironing and pressing, cutting solutions (handheld, lay end and CNC), sewing machines, ultrasonic welding machines, etc.

Supplying spare parts, consumables, and accessories 

We stock thousands of genuine and generic spare parts, consumables, and accessories for all kinds of sewing applications. 

Bespoke product development

If you have a particular manufacturing process which you'd like to automate, our team would love to discuss developing a bespoke solution for you. We have worked with customers across a huge range of industries to adapt sewing machinery in a way which is tailored to a specific need, from umbrella making to banner sewing. Our technicians have a wealth of experience and have even incorporated robot arms into some of our recent projects. Contact us directly for more information!

Delivery and installation

We offer a delivery and installation service which is available to everyone but most popular with customers ordering multiple machines or who require on-site machine training. If you would like to use this service, please let our team know and we will quote a price based on location and the amount of time required on site. 

Ongoing customer support

When you invest in industrial textile equipment from us, we invest in you in return. If a customer is struggling with getting to grips with their new machine or have any technical questions, our team are on hand to help. Most of the time we can give advice over the phone or over facetime for these queries. 

Service calls and in-house repairs 

We carry out routine service calls for many of our customers to ensure that the equipment we supply is in great working order. For repairs, we can arrange to visit your site or you can bring the machine (or just the head if you don't have a large vehicle) to our workshop.